Recently Bjørn Jeppesen has been interviewed by both radio stations, tv stations and music magazines talking about his new album, Halloween and other subjects.

We uploaded some of it for you to enjoy.

In the
INTERVIEWS Section you'll find the TV interview for Lokalvision TV which Bjørn did on the 12th September this year just after performing at the Electronic Circus in Bielefeld, Germany.

There are 2 new radio interviews online too. The big musical spot from Søndagskværnen, Radio Ballerup on the 18th October and the one from Terry Hawke's Chill out sessions on HFM, England which Bjørn did live at 2:30 in the night.

Furthermore we added a
video clip from the latest Nattefrost concert at Vanløse Kulturhus, Denmark on the 5th November. For this show the great VJ Udart made the visuals and everything went very well. A big thank you to the excellent audience.